Together, we will define your goals
and work towards a cohesive brand identity.

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Who We Are

Italic Concept is more than just a normal design agency. We believe that self-expression has no boundaries and that everyone across the world deserves great design – but it doesn’t stop there. It’s part of a bigger picture. It’s part of YOUR brand.

Just like our name suggests, our work seeks to design content that highlights and puts emphasis on your brand’s unique strengths so that it stands out amongst competition. We are driven to provide professional design services combined with clear communication, and seamless project coordination.

Together, we will define the goals of your business, listen to your vision and work towards a cohesive brand identity that will reinforce loyalty among your existing clients and develop your brand among potential ones.

Together, we will design YOUR brand.

Why Us

Here at Italic Concept, we do things differently than others. To us, it’s not just a piece of artwork – it’s a process. We will be there not just for a part of it; we will be there throughout the entire journey.

Mutual respect is key. We truly care about the sensitivities of our clients and hope to earn this respect in return. By choosing Italic, we will ensure that you’ll be engaging with a very active, outspoken partner.

Challenges are bound to arise. When it happens, we won’t disappear. We won’t waffle. When you ask tough questions, we won’t make up answers to get by. If we disagree, we won’t just roll over to keep everyone happy. We’ll be forthright and honest.

We will keep popping back into your life with ideas, advice, and constructive criticism. We only want the best results for our clients. We are hungry for success – YOURS, ahead of ours. And we are willing to go the extra mile to make sure that happens. That’s a very high bar. Does that sound like your ambition?

Our Vision

• To educate the importance of design within a cohesive concept in their business and how we can help your company grow in various ways.

• To allow clients to be aware of the kind of quality in service that they are paying for is different from our competitors.

• To ease the process between clients and designers through efficient communication by asking the right questions.

• To express effective visual communication through our creative work for the clients by providing the right advice and recommended solutions.

Our Expertise

Branding . Advertising . Web

image In essence, your brand is your promise to your customers. It creates an impression, tells them what they can expect from your products and services, and differentiates your offer from your competitors.

Good brand management creates an identity for your company. It forms synergy within all of its elements, and tells the same message throughout all forms of communication.

Here’s how Italic can help you manage your brand better:

• Corporate Branding Exercises & Strategies

• Logo Creation

• Brand Identity Pack
consisting of corporate stationery, business cards, envelopes, letterheads, labels, invoices and etc

• Style Guide
a user manual for you and your organisation to move forward in a clear and systematic way with the identity system we’ve provided

Our work will be geared towards creating integrated and uniformed messages that help you build relationships with customers and a growing presence in the business market.

image In this modern era where technology plays a vital role in society, Italic realises the importance for businesses to have a digital presence.

Our creative team keeps abreast with the latest technological trends and is equipped with years of experience behind our belts; capable of developing a wide variety of digital content to further enhance our branding and marketing campaigns.

We are able to produce:

• Static Sites

• Content Management Systems (CMS)

• E-Commerce Sites
online stores built for the best customer experience

All of our websites are developed to be, at a minimum, mobile-friendly. That means they’ll play perfectly well on everything from an iPhone to Android, from an iPad to a Kindle Fire. However, we could make them fully responsive (adapting fluidly to devices of every size and shape) too, if it’s needed to.

image It’s our secret passion: the pleasures of the book. There’s nothing as inherently rewarding as creating a bound set of printed pages; a tradition that binds us to the rich history and heritage of the printing press.

Italic has enjoyed working on book and magazine design for many years. Nothing pleases us more than to work on projects in which we are hired not only as print designers but as editorial partners, striving for visual and thematic synergies that can only be achieved through complete cooperation with the publisher or content team.

Talk to us if you are looking to do:

• Annual Reports

• Coffee Table Books

• Book & Magazine Layout Designs

image The principle seems simple.

Be everywhere you can be. Be everywhere your audience might be. Engage meaningfully and create positive customer relationships. And, of course, keep an eye on your competitors to stay ahead of them. On top of that, stay within budget.

Now that’s a really long check list. Do you know where to start? What should you do first?

That’s where Italic comes in. We’re here to consult you on which advertising channels would work better for you, sourcing them out, and liaising the logistics and execution of each campaign. Trust us on enhancing your brand in a more sustainable and meaningful way.

We have experience building presences and campaigns in the following media:

• Print Advertising
newspapers and magazines

• Printed Materials
brochures, catalogues, packaging, labels

• Direct Mailers

• Online Advertising

• Landing Pages And Microsites

• Blog Development

• Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) Channels
such as cost-per-click (CPC) campaigns and Google AdWords

• Social Media Marketing
primarily Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram

In today’s world of integrated marketing, we don’t just mail postcards or place ads and cross our fingers.

We anticipate customer buying trends, online search behavior, social interactions, compare and tweak user experiences, and strive to deliver content and engagements appropriate to the consumer and the context.